08 February 2017

Mid Week Skincare Pick-Me-Up

I don’t always have the time or energy in the evenings during the week to go all with my skincare, usually my uber pampering skincare time is reserved for the weekend. However, as I’ve got a long haul flight this weekend I’m all about that skincare pampering right now to try and minimize the results flying has on my skin. I do always take some products with me on the plane, but I find that by upping my skincare for the 2 weeks before I fly, it really helps to prep my skin and get it in its best condition so that it’s not too badly affected and doesn’t end up shriveled and gross by the time I land and get off the plane. Tonight I’ve used two mask products as my mid-week treat, the Goddess Skin Clay Face Mask by Charlotte Tilbury, and the Advanced Night Repair Eye Masks by Estee Lauder. Both have worked perfectly together and have left my skin looking fresh, hydrated and plumped, feeling soft and smooth and looking clear and radiant. That's a whole host of skincare claims but I honestly couldn't be happier with how my skin is looking right now after frequent use of both of these products.

01 February 2017

Top 3 Oribe Products For Sleek, Smooth, Strong, Styled Hair

Oribe is a brand that I have been hooked on since the very first time I spritzed some of their holy-grail-status Dry Texturizing Spray in to my hair and saw the wondrously volumising texture giving transformation. It was from that point that I started trying several different products from Oribe, starting with the Dry Texturizing Spray and moving on to shampoos and conditioners and then on to other hair care and styling products. It’s safe to say that Oribe is my absolute number 1 brand when it comes to hair care and hair styling, it is a luxury brand and their products range from £12-£150+ and while the majority of products are a lot more expensive than items I've ever used before, the products that I have used are nothing short of wonderful, you really do get what you pay for.

15 January 2017

Dear Me...Let's Get Organised

I've never really been one for making New Year's resolutions, I find they make people put too much pressure on themselves and then you end up feeling guilty if for whatever reason you don't stick to a resolution, even if just for one day! I much prefer to enter a New Year with the mindset of making this year better than the last, entering in to the New Year with a happy and healthy mindset is key for me.  I do however like to give myself little tasks or goals that I'd like to achieve, nothing too major, no pressure, and one of my little goals for this year is to become more organised on a day to day basis!

06 January 2017

Too Many Lipsticks? Never!

Happy New Year lovely people! I hope everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed a little break, this week being back at work has frazzled me a little. I had ten days off in total and pretty much had a total switch off from social media and all things work related, it was so wonderful to just enjoy family time and relax. I'm so excited for the year ahead and I'm trying to get my life super organised, which has started with a makeup declutter...
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