29 November 2014

Too Faced or IT Lash?

Now when it comes to make up, besides lipstick, I am a mascara fiend! I'm always on the hunt for the perfect mascara and have come across some really disappointing ones along the way (I'm looking at you Eyeko!!) but I've also found some wonderful ones and I think I've even found my holy grail mascara!

You may remember that a few weeks ago I purchased the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara with high hopes! I've been using it on and off for a few weeks and I've got to be honest here, I'm indifferent about it. Its a good mascara but has a few downfalls and I can't really see myself purchasing it again.

I purchased Dior Addict IT Lash a few months ago and fell in love with it instantly. Its not the cheapest of mascaras so I have been on the lookout to see if I can find a drug store alternative but I honestly haven't found it. I've just ordered a new IT lash and I'm pretty certain at this point that it is my holy grail mascara. 9 years of mascara wearing and I've finally found it!! It delivers everything you want in a mascara; length, volume, thickness, curl, definition and no clumps!

First up to show you is the Too Faced Better Than Sex, its a very wet mascara and it can get quite messy when putting it on. Due to how wet it is it's not the easiest of things to layer up as it just starts looking clumpy :( it does definitely give the volume and length it promises and I could see that from the very first application but you just have to be so careful with it as it does honestly go EVERYWHERE! and you have to wait a good few minutes after apply to ensure its dry. It feels very heavy on the eye but luckily your lashes are still rather soft, so no fear of snapping there!

Next we have Dior Addict IT Lash in 'It-Black'. The thing I love most about this mascara is that you can layer and layer to make your ideal look and it doesn't get clumpy or heavy at all. 1-2 coats are perfect for day time but then you can just keep adding for a more voluminous look and your eyes look ready for a night out. The tiny bristles capture each lash so no one gets left behind and it works really well at ensuring the lashes are fanned out in ascending length, making sure that you don't have a 'spider leg' lashes next to 'hobbit' lashes or that you end up looking like you have about 4 eyelashes in total due to clumping!

Looking at the comparison here the Too Faced side (on the right) looks a lot darker but less even in outcome, whereas the Dior (on the left) looks very evenly fanned and not as severe. I spent the exact same amount of time on each eye and made sure that I used the same amount of coats. Like I said earlier, the Dior is perfect for layering up and it can definitely look as dark as the Too Faced with one or two more layers than what I am wearing here.

The brush of the Too Faced its not my cup of tea at all, I never really go for the big thick brushes as I find them too messy and wet (much like the Benefit Bad Gal, that was a mascara definitely not for me!) I had read a lot that the Too Faced mascara was more like Benefits They're Real so I was excited to try it but it's honestly nothing like it (although its almost as difficult to remove!)

The comb brush on the Dior is perfect for me and the small bristles at the end pick up all the tiny lashes. In that respect this mascara is more like the They're Real but the outcome is rather different in my opinion. I do like They're real but find it too difficult to remove and it makes my eyelashes rock solid which is something I definitely do not find with IT-Lash!

The price difference between the two isn't too much, Better Than Sex will set you back £19 (or £17.10 this weekend, thanks Black Friday!) and IT- Lash will set you back £22.00 (or £19.80 this weekend).

I love love love Too Faced for their eye-shadow pallets, brushes and face powders but I'm afraid to say that I can't see myself branching out in to their mascaras again. I love everything in the Dior make-up (and perfume!) range and am very happy to have found my favourite mascara :)

I also wanted to let you know about a new lip addition, I'm wearing it today in these pictures and I just absolutely love it! Its from the MUA Velvet Lips range and the colour is Tranquillity. The colour is an orange/peachy/beigey nude (as you can tell it's difficult to describe the colour haha). It applies like a gloss but dries quickly to a velvety matte finish and it has super staying power. I got mine from Superdrug and it only costs £3!! The next colour on my hit list to purchase is Reckless, a gorgeous dark burgundy.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you've used either mascaras or the MUA velvet lips I'd love to hear your opinions :)

Have a lovely weekend xoxo

23 November 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend, another shopping trip! Friday and Saturday have been spent in London town hunting down the best Christmas light displays and Christmas windows, Harrods always come out on top in my opinion! Nothing can ever really beat their outside store lights, all of the magnificent window displays and the decorations inside! I love all of the lights down Regents Street, as well as Selfridges and then of course the tree and ornaments in Covent Garden. For a more relaxed vibe, we like to head over to Sloane Square/ Chelsea for dinner, the lights in that part of town are always minimalist but still very beautiful and well done.

Shopping wise, we stayed mainly on Regents street as we have the staples such as Zara, H&M, &other stories, and then we also have Molton Brown, Longchamp, Hamleys, L'Occitane and another fav of mine, Karl Lagerfeld. Purchases were made in Longchamp and Molton Brown, both are gift wrapped so I'll have to do a separate post on them in a few weeks time. Tom was very lovely and purchased me two gifts that he knew I'd been coveting for a while and he said that they are early Christmas presents that I can take to New York, how lovely is he?! :) The first is a new Longchamp handbag (the perfect flight bag) and the second is a hand cream set from Molton Brown who also always give you samples to try which is so lovely.

I also couldn't go shopping and not hit up Primark! The perfect place to stock up on every day essentials and jewelry. I also picked up a few items from Lush and H&M.

I'm slowly starting to accumulate festive items to be worn in December and when I saw this set, I just couldn't resist! I can't find it on the website but the price for the set is £3.99.

We went to Lush and I had my heart set on getting the Latte Lip Tint, my friend Lia purchased this a month or so ago and she wore it to work and I just absolutely fell in love with it! It leaves such a lovely bronze/rose gold shimmer on the lips and can be layered on top of any lipsticks to give a more festive feel. It smells divine as well so that's always a bonus! I also picked up a new Bubblegum Lip Scrub, the best product for sorting out chapped lips! We went to the till and they have an offer where you donate £1 to their charities and you get a free sample of the Charity Pot hand and body cream. I'm a big advocate for Lush and their animal, human rights and environmental charities so we were more than happy to donate :)

In Primark I picked up a few essential items such as face wipes, hair ties, hair grips and some awesome pants that have pugs on! I needed a new pair of plain flats for work and I decided to get them in a lovely mulberry colour, which makes such a nice change from black, I even got a matching colour vest top! The face wipes cost £1 for a double pack and the hair ties and grips cost £1 each. The shoes are £6, the vest £2 and the pants £1.50.

I also picked up this gorgeous necklace that I've been hunting down for a good 1/2 months! I first came across the necklace when Jade (Leading Lady Beauty) purchased it and then it started popping up all over the place and I NEEDED it in my life! Every Primark I went to never had it in store and then last month I found the necklace all by its lonesome in the Brighton store but it had a big gem missing :( Luckily I managed to find it this weekend and it went straight in my basket! I was then super happy to find some matching earrings and can't wait to wear them for the party season! The necklace is £6 and the earrings £2.50.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)

Can you actually believe that next week is the last week of November!! This year has gone crazily fast but I am so excited for Christmas, it is without a doubt my favourite time of year...as I type this I'm sitting with Tom listening to a fab Christmas playlist on YouTube (there are some really cringe songs on there but that makes the playlist so much better!!) and cooking a veggie roast dinner. Absolute bliss!

I hope you're all getting in to the Christmas spirit and having a lovey Sunday :) xoxo


19 November 2014

Did I Hear You Say Christmas?

Now I know I've mentioned this before but if you didn't already know, I'm not actually in the country for Christmas as I'm going to be in New York!! I am so excited, I keep having to calm myself down before I hyperventilate! My family are putting money in to add to my spending money for Christmas which is so lovely of them :) Tom and I are going to be there from the 19th through to the 29th and we've decided that we'll set ourselves a little limit and get each other a souvenir/ornament type of gift for each other to open on Christmas day. Apart from that though we're not doing pressies.

I feel that I have a bit of a free pass to talk about Christmas so early (I personally don't think its too early at all but I do understand that a lot of people unfortunately do not share the same opinion) considering that I only have 1 month till I fly off, I've got to squeeze all of my Christmas excitement in early!

I've been doing a bit of present shopping (for other people, I promise!) and just couldn't help myself from browsing all of the lovely beauty gifts and then that escalated to shoes/handbags/jewellery and then somehow puppies...

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the top gifts I've come across that could serve as inspiration for anyone struggling on what to buy a loved one, or what to ask for for Christmas. I've thrown in some fail safe options and then some more adventurous options for anyone feeling a bit risky (or perhaps risqué)!

For the Make-up Junkie

  1. Bobbi Brown Mixed Metals Collection. A limited edition collection of essentials to make gorgeous smoky eye looks, all packed up in a super cute make up pouch with bronze detailing keeping in touch with the metallic theme of the gift.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Swarovski Edition. Who doesn't want to add a bit of sparkle to their make-up routine?! Every girl needs a Touch Éclat in her make-up bag so why not add a bejazzled one! 
  3. Dior Multi Use Make-Up Palette. Gorgeous packaging, gorgeous colours. There's really not much more to say. This is the ideal holiday season palette, it has all of the essentials in such pretty colours and it all zips up in one pouch ready to be popped in the handbag and used on the go. Ideal! 
  4. Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Gift Box. Everything you would ever need to recreate one of the most beautiful make-up looks. With ten looks to chose from, The Dolce Vita is the most universally flattering in my opinion. 

For the Perfumer

  1. Hermés Jour d'Hermés Absolu Gift Set. Femininity in a bottle, like smelling the most beautiful bouquet of flowers over and over again.
  2. Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile. A very loving smell, bursting with rose petals and elegance.
  3. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir. A very Christmassy feeling smell with ruby rich flavours. 
  4. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon. Like living in a sweet shop but never getting sick, draped in caramel this smell is sure to make your taste buds tingle. 

For the Romantic

  1. Tiffany & Co Heart Key Pendant. I promise you that at some point in a girls life she has dreamed of opening up a little blue Tiffany box! This lovely Tiffany blue heart pendant is the perfect excuse for her to have a blue box to open this Christmas.
  2. Things I'd Do For Love Personalised Book. A cute and funny book of things you would do for the person you love! This would make such a memorable keep sake gift for the one you love.
  3. Harvey Nichols Pamper Gift Set. Every girl loves to be pampered, so why not buy her a box full of everything needed to do so?! p.s you'll earn extra points if you offer your assistance in using the gift and pamper her for the evening.
  4. Paris City Break. Paris, the city of love! Considering the average return on the train will only set you back £69pp, this would make such a wonderful gift.You could go for the day, the night, the weekend; It wouldn't matter how long you're there for as Paris is such a magical city.
For the Naughty

It is my personal opinion that if you are wanting a gift of naughty indulgence then there are only two ways to go, divine lingerie or a luxurious hotel break (if you reallllly want to push the boat out then both would go down a treat with your significant other!)

Agent Provocateur is the ultimate go to for indulgent lingerie. The lace, the silk, the look, the pink box, everything about them is desirable. 
No.11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel is the most wonderful hotel. Any of the rooms would be perfect for a night away but the amorous colours and luxurious materials in the Suite would make the stay just that bit more perfect.

For the Stocking

Because what girl wouldn't want one of these magical gifts popped in to her stocking, along with the Cadbury Christmas Selection box and of course, the oranges!

Here lies my ultimate gift list, these are the type of presents that would make a girl cry and pee herself at the same time whilst jumping for joy and singing like a choir. Now lets be very clear here, no one is expecting these things to be waiting for them under the tree at Christmas, it would be like expecting Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp to be waiting for you on the sofa with a cup of tea- completely ridiculous but so enjoyable to imagine! 


18 November 2014

How Clean Is Your Face?

I wanted to share with you one of my new favourite skin care products. It's something that is so talked about at the moment and I can strongly say it is a firm new addition to so many skin care routines, I really can't see it being left on the shelf gathering dust. I for one am definitely going to repurchase it and have been recommending it to EVERYONE!

If you haven't already guessed it, I'm talking about the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I can honestly say it is one of the best products I have ever used.

I would say my skin is combination, I can get very dry cheeks and forehead whereas my t zone and chin area can get very oily. On top of that I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful with products and make up. So many products and make up items have made my skin sore, break out in a rash or just caused an unpleasant reaction. For that reason I'm so careful nowadays with what I use so when I find a product that work wonders, I just want to tell everyone!

Think back to a time or a product that made your skin feel really clean, not just make up removed clean, I mean as clean and as soft and nourished as the day you were born, before your skin came in to contact with anything. If you're able to think of a time where you've felt that way, then kudos to you but I'm afraid it just wasn't real. After my first week in of using Cleanse & Polish my skin has never felt so good! It removes all excess make up or dirt and the stress of my day (cringey I know but its true!)

I definitely felt squeaky clean after the first use, but after the first week I had noticed such a difference in the quality of my skin. It looked brighter, clearer, the red patches on my cheeks had reduced and my face was so much smoother. I also haven't had any pesky spots!! Such a bonus :) There are some lovely Christmas Editions on the Liz Earle website that would make such a lovely gift to yourself, a friend or as an addition to your Christmas list this year. I honestly couldn't recommend this product any more, you should go and try it yourself! For only £5.50 for a 30ml tube (and musline cloth) you'd be crazy not to try it xoxo

09 November 2014

Saturday Shopping Spree

Yesterday was spent shopping in Brighton, trying the new Christmas drink from Starbucks and singing far too loudly (and terribly) to Tom (my boyfriend) whilst he drove us home. I'm sure on some level he loved the singing but just didn't want to admit it...I mean who wouldn't love to be serenaded by the best (read that as worst) singer in the world?!

Moving swiftly on...I wanted to share with you my purchases from the day. I didn't really go out with the intention on buying anything specific and it was so nice to not be flustered for once (is it just me that gets far too stressed out when I can't find the one specific thing I'm looking for?) I got a few bits from Topshop, Newlook and Debenhams. Lets start with the beauty purchases

I had some money on my Debenhams reward card so wanted to put that to good use! I purchased the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced *insert huge grinning face emoji* I've only ever heard amazing things about both products so I'm very excited about my new additions. Today has been a PJ's kind of Sunday so I haven't had the chance to try out either product, I'll be sure to do a review on both once I start using them!

Next up we went to New Look and I ended up picking up a pair of Black Chained Ankle Boots that I've had my eye on for a few weeks. I love the detailing on them and the grip on the bottom is a huge winner for me. I found them online a few weeks ago and fell in love but I'm always dubious about buying shoes online. I've got quite wide feet so I struggle with shoes anyway, not being able to try before I buy was a bit daunting for a boot so I decided to wait until I could find them in store. The shoes are part of New Looks wide fit range and they fit perfectly! 

We then pottered over to Topshop and I can't ever go to Topshop and not stock up on socks, I always head straight to the 3 pairs for £8. There are always so many different styles and patterns to choose from that trying to pick just three can be a big struggle! I immediately picked the black pair as I loved the sparkly detailing and the pink pair looked so snug and are so soft that I had to  have them. The third pair have always got to be one of the frilly trim socks (you can't have too many frilly socks, can you?!) I just couldn't decide on a colour so I let Tom pick, he went for forest green as that's his favourite colour :)

I also picked up this little guy from Topshop, I found him in the jewellery sale section for £4 and couldn't not get him. Yep, its a reindeer!! I'm feeling very festive already and fell in love with this necklace, I'm very excited to add him to probably every outfit until December 31st!

The last thing I picked up was from HMV, and is quite possibly the best Christmas album ever! Tom said its not allowed in the car until December however my mum can't wait for us to listen to it non stop! Its got 3 CD's and features artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Doris Day and Perry Como.

We also picked up a Starbucks on the way home, Tom had a Gingerbread Latte and I opted for the new Honey & Almond Hot Chocolate. It was so so yummy, we had a sip of each others drinks and both agreed that mine was the best! 

Is anyone else already getting in to the Christmas spirit? Let me know what's putting you in the festive mood :) xoxo


02 November 2014

Fall For This

Now that autumn is in full swing and we're creeping closer to full on winter, I've decided to do a non beauty related post and instead share will you my two favourite A/W purchases.

I decided to have a nice relaxing weekend at home as I've got a lot of busy weekends coming up, I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with the family. The weekend consisted of scenic country walks, a local pub lunch accompanied by a few G&T's and I then dragged my mum off for a bit of shopping. I've also had a productive time at home, I had a big clear out of my wardrobe and have cleared so much space, it always feels so good to have a good clear up and a de clutter!

As we're now in November I thought it appropriate to use this weekend for my new winter scarf's first outing! I went out and got this scarf from Zara a month or so ago, basically as soon as it came out in stores, but I haven't really thought the weather has been cold enough to wear it yet. I love it its so beautiful and warm; it really is the perfect autumn/winter scarf! Absolutely ideal for keeping warm on cold rainy days like today. Look at how snugly it is!

Now that the weather is getting colder (and we're getting closer to Christmas!!!!!) it's time to start experimenting with all of the winter accessories! Teamed with my Zara scarf I decided to also try out my new Hunter ankle boots. I purchased these a few months ago as I didn't have any welly type shoes nor ankle boots with amazing grip and knew that these would be a necessity for my winter wardrobe.

I'm going to New York with my boyfriend for Christmas (very very exciting!) and I needed something weather appropriate in case of crazy snow/torrential rain, these seemed like the perfect shoe. I'm really not a fan of big tall clumpy traditional wellies (I just don't think they're flattering for me) so I searched around for something a bit different but something that essentially did the same job. I'm so pleased I got these as they are so comfy and warm and the grip on them is so good, I'm definitely not going to be face planting over any ice or snow this year!!

The scarf can be found online here: Zara Checked Scarf
I couldn't actually find the boots online any more but I purchased them from The Outnet and they have lots of other lovely Hunters in stock at the moment: Hunters

Have you made any staple winter purchases yet? If so, I'd love to hear about them! xoxo

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