26 September 2015

Chanel Chance Eau Vive | Review

I am very very happy to introduce to you the latest addition to my perfume collection and the latest addition to the Chanel Chance perfume family...Chanel Chance Eau Vive, which I very excitedly purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue last month on holiday.
Eau Vive is a zesty floral fragrance that just feels like summer in a bottle but it is in no way a one time of year perfume. The top notes explode with freshness of Cedar-Iris and a zing of Grapefruit and Blood Orange. Unveiling itself at the heart of the fragrance is Jasmine which brings an undoubtedly feminine aura to the scent. The composition of this fragrance is sheer elegance with heaps of feisty zest thrown in for good measure. It's just one of those smells that lingers for hours and hours and each time you smell it a smile can't help but emerge on to your face. It's such a pleasing scent, compliments can definitely be expected when wearing this and rightfully so! It's such a wonderful perfume, it has joined my other trusted long time favourite, Chanel No.5. My No.5 is reserved mainly for the winter months and for special occasions but also for those moments in life when you just need to feel sultry. Eau Vive is so playful in comparison, a flirtatious cheeky younger sibling made for every day, all day and all year wear.
I am absolutely in love with this perfume and it makes me so happy to see it standing proudly on my dressing table.Have you recently made any additions to your perfume collection? xoxo


18 September 2015

Burberry Makeup | Review

Ok so I couldn't be more excited about this post right now! I have been coveting Burberry makeup for so long and with it being on the higher side of the luxury makeup brand price list, I just haven't had the chance to yet! After ignoring the emails I was receiving from Feel Unique telling me about their sale for about a week, I finally caved and gave in after I received an email one evening to let me know that I could get an extra 10% off!! I had every intention of just having a little look, you know just suss out the goods. I honestly didn't plan on buying anything but when I came to the Burberry makeup my eyes lit up and I just couldn't stop myself. All self restrain flew straight out the window!


15 September 2015

Concealer Favourites | Drugstore

Concealer is such a staple for me, I use it every day, I need it everyday. If I'm having a no makeup day chances are I'll still throw on some concealer to cover up any redness and any blemishes, and to also banish those dark under eye circles! Concealer really does have the power to change how you look, Concealing the under eye instantly brightens up your whole face and then covering up any spots or blemishes helps to smooth everything out and make your skin look clear and fuss free.

06 September 2015

Struggles of a Makeup Lover

For this weekends post I decided to do something a bit different and I had a lot of fun putting it together, I might make it a bit of a regular thing (let me know any thoughts on this)! I could sit and talk with my best friend for hours and hours about our everyday makeup struggles so I figured why not jot some down and share with you guys! Here is a little selection of my top makeup struggle truths.

02 September 2015

Holiday Skin Saviour | Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 30

When your skin is only used to the dreary British weather, the moment you step on to foreign soil where the sun is beaming down on you, you could be at serious risk of some sort of skin damage. Before you lie out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, make sure you take precautions and look after your skin!
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