29 October 2015

Lush Haul

At the beginning of the month I went on a little shopping trip with Jade (Leading Lady Beauty) and during that shopping trip we absolutely had to make a pit stop in Lush! Now before this excursion I hadn't ever actually purchased anything for myself from Lush, I'd very kindly been given some products as Christmas and Birthday presents over the years but I'd never actually treated myself in there. Needless to say I definitely treated myself on this trip, with Jades influence I don't think it would've been possible not to!

25 October 2015

Skin Care Sunday

If you suffer with dry or dehydrated skin, or are in need for a little winter pick me up, I couldn't recommend the Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Masks any more! Sure you'll look scary as hell whilst using it and you'll want to avoid any human contact unless you want to make people scream in horror over your weird murder mask vibes look...however the benefits after using it definitely make it all worth while!

21 October 2015

L'Oréal Makeup | Mini Haul & Review

I recently picked up a few L'Oréal Makeup bits from Boots, I was in need of a new primer and as much as I love my Smashbox and Hourglass primers, I just didn't want to be using them every day as both are pretty expensive! I always like to have drug-store alternatives of my favourite or most used beauty items and I'll tend to wear the drug-store versions most days to work and then my high end makeup will come out to play on the weekends or for special events (or sometimes when I'm just in the mood!). I was browsing in Boots and the new Infallible range definitely peaked my interest. Marketed towards those of us with more oily skin, claims of being sweat proof, humidity proof and waterproof I was definitely intrigued!

17 October 2015

Winter Coat Love

Over the next few months the most worn and most seen item of clothing that you own becomes a coat or coats if you're a little obsessed with them like me! So it's no wonder that we end up searching for hours and hours looking for the perfect one. It can seem like a pretty scary task, you need to decide what fit and what shape you're looking for, what kind of material, do you want it to be long, short, mid length? The questions really could go on and on and on but you get what I mean. I feel we're past the stage in our life where our coats can only be practical and waterproof, now is the time to branch out and invest in something timeless, classic, a dressier coat. One that will stay with you for years to come and can be worn to dress up a more casual outfit, or to be worn when you're off to a special event and you can't really wear your fur trim hooded collar, pleather sleeved parka on top of your floor length dress and heels (I'm clearly envisioning some kind of Christmas soiree here- thanks brain, you can't just stop thinking about Christmas for one day can you!!).

11 October 2015

Skin Care Favourites | A/W

Autumn and Winter are without a doubt my favourite seasons of the year. I love the fall fashion, the makeup trends, the fluffy jumpers, the oversized scarfs, the faux fur collars, the hot chocolate, snuggling up inside listening to the rain, and of course that super duper thing that happens on the 25th of December every year....!  

With every change of season I have to have a change up of my skin care routine. The things that work for me in the hotter more humid months don't really work for me in the colder harsher months and so I have to have a swap around of products! I never really mind having to do this because its just another reminder that my favourite time of year is fast approaching.

07 October 2015

Beauty Rush

We all have the mornings where we've pressed snooze one too many times and we've sacrificed the nice hearty home-made breakfast for a banana or granola bar whilst walking out the front door. Being in a rush sucks, especially on a week day morning when you've got to get to work/school/college on time. You always feel like you've forgotten something (half the time you definitely have), you've barely managed to rake a brush through your knotted hair and you've probably got a tooth past stain on your nice black top. It's at this point that you question whether it was really worth the extra 20 minutes in bed...despite the answer to that, you know you'll be here in the same position again at least twice again this week!

02 October 2015

New Lipstick | MAC

So I went homeware shopping at the weekend which ended up being a big old fail :(  Every shop we went in to we just couldn't find anything we loved. Determined to not have wasted the whole Sunday on unsuccessful shopping, we decided to ponder about and go look for some clothes for Tom. Well that didn't really go too well either and a few more hours had passed; we were getting hungry (hangry) and just a bit frustrated and fed up. I couldn't bare to go home empty handed (obvs) and as we walked past MAC I just automatically turned and marched in to the shop with no hesitation (honestly it was like I was drawn in like a magnet).
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