29 November 2015

Winter Warmers

Sweater Weather

Its jumper season! Yay!! Time to get snuggly and wrapped up. Gone are the days of frumpy unflattering jumpers, we are now blessed with cute, slogan filled, flattering and fashionable jumpers. Jumpers make winter dressing so easy and simple but with the right kind of jumper, your outfit is sure to look on point no matter how quickly you threw it together, bonus being that you're also super cosy! xoxo

22 November 2015

A Present A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If only that were true! We'd forever have an excuse for buying ourselves gifts ;)
The month of December does give us something to celebrate with each day, advent calendars! Who else remembers the excitement you would feel waking up on December 1st when you were little, running downstairs to see what advent calendar was waiting for you, and then revelling in the sugar rush when you were allowed to eat the chocolate behind the window before you went off to school!

15 November 2015

Space NK & Chanel Shopping

Last month I had a really lovely girly shopping trip with Jade and lots of makeup and bath bombs were purchased! If you missed my Lush Haul post you can find it here-Lush Haul. My cheeky beauty purchases were made in Chanel and Space.NK, I'm obsessed with both new purchases so I wanted to share them with you in their own dedicated post! 

08 November 2015

October Beauty Favourites

I've put together a breakdown of my most favourite beauty items from the past month. For me October was a month of dark lips, bronzed smokey eyes and a bright base. I moved house towards the end of the month which was very busy and stressful, cue big dark under eye bags! Luckily I had some saving grace products to help cover up any tell tell signs of the late nights unpacking and early morning commutes to work!
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