29 January 2016

New In Beauty | Covet List

Now is the perfect time to have a revamp of your beauty closet, kick the January blues and have a peek at the new beauty releases from some much loved brands, some long awaited products and some exciting new items. There's been plenty of new releases so I'm sure there's something there to take your fancy. I for one am having an internal debate over all products mentioned in this little post!

22 January 2016

Magic Skin Care | Charlotte Tilbury

I managed to get my eager paws on some samples of the brand spanking new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue, two products that I have been very excited to trial. With any expensive product, I always feel hesitant to invest my pennies straight away, sometimes just going by other peoples reviews and opinions just isn't enough. When it comes to skincare everyone has different skin and different preferences, you can easily have the same skin type as another person but you'd be surprised at how different your opinions can be on the same products. This is why I've decided to review these samples and try to let you know how I think it would pair up for each common skin type. Of course I'll be telling you my personal feelings towards both products and how they worked with my skin but I'm also going to try my best to offer a bit more of a wider review so you can see if it would work for you.

11 January 2016

My Christmas Treasure

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely break and some much needed rest. I took some time off work so that I had an extra long break, oh gosh it was much needed! Sometimes all you need is a little break to not really do anything in particular. Tom took the same time off so we took a little trip down to the Cotswolds which was just charming, I love spending time over there as it's so peaceful and beautiful! Apart from that we've just spent some real quality time together and it's been absolutely lovely. I'm went back to work today which was sad going back to reality but I do now have my Birthday to look forward to for next month!

I thought I'd kick this years posts of with a 'what I got for Christmas', this is in no way me bragging or anything like that, I absolutely love watching videos and reading posts of the same kind so thought why not share mine with you guys! I did seem to have a particularly lucky year with gifts and feel thoroughly spoilt by my nearest and dearest :)
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