25 May 2016

Sunday Riley | Luna Night Oil | In Depth Review

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is one of those products that just gets everyone talking, whether it’s about the price, the packaging, the brand or the cult following, you can always find someone talking about it. For that reason, I was slightly hesitant to review the product on my blog, however I was shocked at just how brilliant this mysterious and expensive liquid is! It took me a while to take the plunge in to buying it, you just never know how something is going to work for you and your skin, and when a product comes in at a grand total of £85, it’s not a product you purchase breezily. When something is priced at £85 you could argue that it's bound to be brilliant considering the expense, however that's not always the case. I've been left let down by expensive products before and it's so disappointing not only because the product didn't live up to my expectations but also because it leaves me feeling like I've wasted money. A little while ago Sunday Riley was suddenly a brand that every beauty blogger, beauty vlogger and ever beauty fanatic was talking and raving about. I've only come across a small number of negative reviews on the product, nearly every review I've read has been singing the products praises, but it still doesn't make it any easier to part with £85.


16 May 2016

My Latest Wish List | Tom Ford, OUAI, Mulberry & More

Happy Tuesday to you all! I've been off the radar recently thanks to a horrendous ear and throat infection that had me bed/sofa ridden! It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fun, it wasn't relaxing and I honestly felt like I was on pilot mode for the week. Or like I was someones Sim and they just forgot to nurture me and left me to wallow in self pity! Anwyay putting the violins aside, I'm feeling much better now! I've still got a nasty cough and my ear feels funny when I lie down but overall I'm starting to feel much more human! Today I wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know about some awesome products that I've been browsing online. When you're on the sofa with your cat all day and have played catch up with all your favourite TV shows and read tonnes of magazines, all you can really do next is browse online!

14 May 2016

The Perfect Classic Summer Lipstick | CHANEL

This is always the time of year where I rearrange the products that are on my dressing table, it's time to take away the dark berry Autumn and Winter shades and replace them with the light pinks and peaches that are Spring and Summer time appropriate. Whilst I was having a rummage through my Chanel products I was reunited with one of my all-time favourite Chanel Lipsticks, in the colour S├ęduisante. Full name, Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour, 91 S├ęduisante.
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