29 June 2016

My Sheet Mask Saviours | StarSkin | 111Skin | WOW

I've always preferred sheet masks instead of your normal liquidy self applying masks, sheet masks are so much less messy and so easy to use. Once you're done with it you just peel it off and pop it in the bin. No need to faf about with cleaning a hardened liquid type consistency off your face! They feel like a much more luxurious treat as well. I find sheet masks are generally more expensive than most face masks but I also always find the results are 99% better! When it comes to decongesting skin and getting rid of blemishes then a cream face mask that I apply myself is always my first choice, I haven't ever found a sheet mask that works as well at decongesting like the Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask or the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask. When it comes to needing hydration and radiance, then a sheet mask is my go to pick. Three in particular have stood out over the years as my favourites that I always repurchase. Each offer similar results but are all different in their own way, and one of them even produces amazing results that lasts for 7 days after use!

27 June 2016

Mulberry Sale Shopping | Small Designer Haul

In light of all that has been going on in the UK recently, it felt a bit odd to be talking about makeup and shopping but the reality is that it was such a nice distraction for me. Each time I’ve looked on social media there is just so much negativity being thrown around and it’s a real drag. I totally get that with the UK majority vote to be to leave the EU, this is going to be the talk of the town for a while and it has truly rattled some people’s cages. I’m all for younger people talking up and voicing their opinions and discussing politics, there’s not normally nearly enough of that anymore, but when people are posting horrible racist and ignorant comments it just gets way too much and isn’t something I want to be reading every time I pick up my phone and scroll through Facebook. I’ve been clicking that un friend button rather a lot since Friday morning. What has however been a nice outlet for me to take a break from all the heavy politics that are just everywhere right now, has been catching up on blog posts and YouTube videos. So I figured it would be business as usual here on my blog and I hope this can act a nice distraction for you also!

16 June 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Haul

You may remember a little while ago I was very poorly and I ended up having a bit of a splurge on Charlotte Tilbury and promised a haul post, well here it is! Despite a few issues with their courier service which delayed the arrival of these wonderful products, I couldn't be happier with the items I purchased and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. It was a pretty big order, makeup and skincare galore!


10 June 2016

My Top Tips For Surviving Erratic Weather

We've all been there, we woke up thinking it was a regular dull day, nothing particularly note worthy happening with the weather, we've thrown on our usual clothes, maybe with the added layer, grabbed our bag and left the house off on our journey to wherever it is we're going. We're walking and feeling a bit warmer than usual, oh the sun has decided to make an appearance (must mean summer's around the corner), oh my I'm actually getting a tad sweaty. I'll just take off a few layers to cool down. Ahh that's better. Oh whats was that drop on my face? Was it bird poo please dont be bird poo. Nope not bird poo thank god. Was it my own sweat? No I don't think so. Oh there's more much more, ok it's rain. Oh and it's getting harder and more aggressive. Great. My clothes are soaked I am soaked. I'll put my coat back on then.

Here are my top tips for surviving the erratic weather.

03 June 2016

Perfect Summer Sunkissed Palette By Bobbi Brown

Ok so Bobbi Brown may have released the most perfect travel friendly summer eyeshadow palettes in their Sunkissed range. I know that’s quite a bold statement but I mean, the colours in all three palettes are just perfect, the packaging is beautiful and the size is super handy to just slot in to your handbag or makeup bag whilst on the go. Not to mention how versatile the colours in the palettes are! You can wear all 4 for a super summery yet sultry sparkly smoky eye, or just have fun using the colours individually. You'll always be able to create a soft minimal look as well as a stronger bolder look with each of these palettes.

01 June 2016

May Favourites | Beauty | Skin Care | Lifestyle

Don't you always find yourself thinking when it gets to the last day in the month "hasn't this month gone quickly!" it happens to me every month without fail. Time just seems to shoot by as you get older, it’s crazy to think we’re nearly half way through the year already! As I was thinking to myself yesterday that I can’t believe its about to be June, I was brainstorming some blog post ideas and I realised how long it’s been since I've done a favourites post! I love reading other peoples favourites and I love writing them so I don’t know why I don’t do them every month! It was so easy picking my favourites for the month of May and they’re a little bit varied which is nice! I hope you enjoy reading what I've been loving for the past month.
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