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August 09, 2016

Summer Loving | Lip Products

I love seasonal makeup, Autumn and Winter being my all time favs, but I can get on board with some Summer brights. In fact these 4 products are staple Summer lip products for me and I adore each of them. Pink is definitely my go to summer colour, but Nude shades I love all year round so I'm so happy I found something in the Nude category to add to my Summer makeup. Mattes, Glosses, Liquid Lipsticks, these 4 lip products are on rotation for me during the Summer months.

 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Beloved - Kat Von D produces some of the best liquid lipsticks out there in my opinion, such an amazing formula with an equally amazing colour range! I purchased this in New York last summer and I was obviously enjoying the sunshine as I picked a very bright colourful soft coral shade! It’s such a beautiful bright and happy colour, and it just brings alive any makeup look. This lipstick is seriously tough, once it dries (roughly 10-20 seconds) it will not budge, even after eating/drinking I never need to reapply this product. At $20, roughly £16, these are such great value for money and I’ve had this almost exactly 1 year and it hasn’t dried up at all. The best things about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are that they don’t crack on the lips, they don’t leave that weird line on the inner lip and the pigmentation is so opaque!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Devotion - For me this is like a budget version of the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick, the colour is similar, a bit darker, and the consistency feels very similar too. I love how long lasting the Revlon Lip Colour is, you do get a bit of colour fading in the centre of the lips after eating/drinking but you can easily top up and it doesn’t look cakey which for me is hard to come by in a drugstore liquid lipstick! It’s a lovely dusky rose colour that is going to be perfect for transitioning in to Autumn (I am so ready for Fall makeup and boots and scarfs to become necessary again!) This is a rather wet consistency, it takes a while to dry and can bleed slightly so a lip liner comes in very handy when using this, but once its dried the colour looks beautiful and stays pretty much all day!
(KatVonD, Revlon, Smith&Cult, Kevyn Aucoin)
Smith & Cult Shining Lip Lacquer in The Queen Is Dead - I’m not usually a lipgloss fan, I generally find them too sticky and not pigmented enough, or too glittery, but I have a few in my makeup collection that I adore, and this (and the next) are part of that group. This gloss is not sticky at all; it feels a bit tacky as it goes on but it then just feels more like a balmy lipstick after it settles. The colour of this is gorgeous, a magenta berry shade for perfect glossy summer lips. I’ve loved wearing this on super sunny days with a pared back makeup look, because it is a gloss I can control how pigmented I want it to look with how many layers I put on, which I love. As it wears off during the day it leaves behind a balm like berry coloured stain, so even when the gloss is gone the colour remains, so I don’t have to be so worried about constantly topping this up!

Kevyn Aucoin The Lipgloss in Peonine - This is probably my favourite lipgloss that I’ve ever had. The colour for me is unusual in a gloss, a caramel nude with gold flecks. This is my go to gloss on holidays to pair with bronzer and a tan, it just compliments sun kissed skin so beautifully. It’s quite a thick consistency but not sticky or tacky which surprises me. It a tough gloss and lasts pretty much all day, even when I eat or drink barely any gloss rubs away- super impressive. Whenever I have a tan (faux or real) I love to use this lip gloss, it works perfectly for a full makeup look with bronzed eyes (and skin) but also with minimal makeup, clear skin, highlighter, mascara and brows: add in this gloss and it just adds that extra something that looks so pretty.
(Kevyn Aucoin, Smith&Cult, Revlon, KatVonD)
I’ve been reaching for these 4 lip products so frequently over the past few months and I’m definitely ready for Autumn now, I’m so excited for dark berry shades and dark nudes for the next few months. I’ve overloaded on my bright pinks but I have absolutely loved wearing them in the sunshine…even if the sunshine hasn’t made an appearance all that frequently!
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