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October 23, 2016

The Perfect Oil For Confused Skin | Sunday Riley Artemis

My skin has been suffering a bit over the past few months with the erratic weather (hot and humid one day followed by crazy thunderstorms and rain the next) we had and now followed by the change in season, my skin has decided to go through a hormonal patch, as it tends to do with every change of season. It's been feeling confused and congested. I’ve always had combination skin but now it’s being mixed in with hormonal angry skin so I decided to go on the hunt for the perfect oil that would combat the issues at hand, and after extensive research Artemis by Sunday Riley sounded like the one for me. I didn’t want to just soothe the situation, I wanted to cure it and keep it at bay! Sunday Riley describes the Artemis Oil as below, and it just sounded perfect tome:

A unique, complexion-balancing blend, Sunday Riley’s Artemis works to tone, detoxify and clarify for a clear, radiant glow. With a medley of lightweight, rapidly absorbed oils, this luxurious elixir conditions whilst it equalises; reducing inflammation, purging pores of impurities and soothing redness and irritation – perfect for those who suffer with split-personality skin. Essential oils of Lemon Ironbark and Lemon Myrtle combine to neutralise excess sebum and combat spot-causing bacteria, whilst invigorating and uplifting with their summery, citrusy scents; Pink Grapefruit then helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and promote micro-circulation while Flax Seed oil – high in Omega 3 – works to strengthen, soften and smooth ruffled feathers. 

As most of the reviews of Artemis state, this has a very strong smell thanks to the medicinal lemon ironbark and myrtle. It’s so difficult to describe, it does smell like lemon, but a very raw organic kind of scent (much better though than any kind of chemically smell). It is quite overpowering but luckily it settles down a lot and gets a lot easier to deal with over time. It’s not a disgusting smell, just different and heavy to begin with and very unexpected. The oil itself is a dream to apply, it’s much more viscous than most oils I’ve used, such as Luna or the Clarins Lotus Oil. Artemis doesn’t sit on top of your skin feeling like a thick, never absorbing, layer, but it also doesn’t run all over the place, or sink in to your hands before you go to apply it to your face. Due to the thicker consistency it’s the type of oil to pat in to your skin, and I find it easier to apply it in sections, otherwise you won’t get an even distribution of product and you’ll end up going back for a few more drops (at £60 a bottle I’m all about making this last).
The morning after the first application my skin looked so much clearer already, blemishes and spots had begun the purging process, inflammation and irritation reduced and soothed, and my skin looked much clearer and brighter. I was shocked at how quick acting and fast reacting this oil was with my skin, it just worked so powerfully overnight and left me to wake up with noticeably clearer and better looking skin. What a dream! I’ve been using Artemis Oil religiously for over a month now and my skin has improved with each use, becoming much happier, clearer, brighter and with a noticeable glow. I’ve even noticed blemish marks/scarring disappearing which is amazing. The smell is quite something, and I did struggle to get used to it, but I'm happy to report that now it doesn't bother me at all, but when a product works so well for you, I don't think something so small such as a funny smell will put you off using it!


October 08, 2016

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