24 November 2016

Lush Bath Bomb | Shoot For The Stars

I finally got my hands on the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb from Lush and oh boy was it worth the wait! This is one of the nicest bath bombs I’ve ever used. From the outside look to the fragrance to the glitter to the colours, everything about this bath bomb is utter perfection and everything I love in a bath bomb. I managed to pick it up last week after endless searching and it being sold out every time I checked in store, luckily there were two left in my local store, so those two came home with me! I used one pretty much straight away and fell in to one of those deep bath experiences where you shut off from everything else and just float around in your bath in a sleep like state (obviously not asleep though as that would be dangerous!)

11 November 2016

New Burberry Makeup

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a little makeup splurge (little in quantity not so little in price, oops). Burberry had released a few new products in line with their most recent runway show and I thought the new products looked gorgeous, matte liquid lipsticks, creamy eye-shadow pens, and a new foundation to add to their existing complexion range. I ummed and I ahhed for a few days and then it was all a bit of a blur and the next thing I knew I had an order confirmation and would have my new makeup bits the following day. Burberry are an absolute star and give free next day shipping as standard, as well as beautifully gift wrapping your products, all the more reason to shop with them online, I'm already getting excited for their winter sale! Anyway back to the makeup…

05 November 2016

My Four Autumn Staples

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion and beauty, there’s nothing I love more than playing around with more darker makeup looks, throwing a big snugly coat on top of every outfit and instantly looking more put together, rocking some ankle boots and soft oversized scarfs. Autumn definitely gets the best reaction from me in terms of wardrobe choices.
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