20 December 2016

How You Can Help

There’s no doubt about it, 2016 has had some really truly horrible events occur throughout, and while in between these global disasters we may have all been able to find a bit of light in our personal lives and still find moments to have fun and enjoy ourselves and spend time doing things that make us happy, it’s been impossible to ignore the tragic events that have unfolded throughout this year. It’s heartbreaking to think back to all that has happened, and all that is still happening.

15 December 2016

Red Christmas Lips

Red lipstick and Christmas go together like wrapping paper and sellotape, like cheese and wine, like Santa and Rudolph, basically a red lip at Christmas is a given! For me it's the perfect festive makeup item and whether or not you've gone all out full on glam, or minimalistic, a red lip is the perfect addition to any makeup look over Christmas. Luckily lipsticks come in all shapes and sized and all variations of tones and finishes, so there’s a red out there for each of us! It just sometimes takes a little longer to find the one that’s perfect for you, it certainly took a while for me, but now I have three tried and tested, fail safe, utterly festive red lipsticks that are gorgeous all year round, but most importantly for the festive season!


09 December 2016

My Favourite Festive Activities

I had the most festive weekend at home last weekend, we put up and decorated our tree, ate mince pies, watched Christmas movies and snuggled in our Christmas PJ’s. I love how cosy and festive our home feels with the decorations and the tree up, it makes me so happy to go home after work and switch the tree lights on and just snuggle up on the sofa and watch something Christmassy. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite Christmas related activities to hopefully get you feeling festive, and maybe spark some inspiration if you’re wanting to plan a festive evening for yourself!

02 December 2016

A Liberty London Shop | Winter Scents

Going in to Central London in the run up to Christmas is never a task to be taken lightly, there's just a frantic energy everywhere, however there is also something a little bit alluring about seeing the Christmas lights and window displays and feeling the hustle and bustle all around you.
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