15 January 2017

Dear Me...Let's Get Organised

I've never really been one for making New Year's resolutions, I find they make people put too much pressure on themselves and then you end up feeling guilty if for whatever reason you don't stick to a resolution, even if just for one day! I much prefer to enter a New Year with the mindset of making this year better than the last, entering in to the New Year with a happy and healthy mindset is key for me.  I do however like to give myself little tasks or goals that I'd like to achieve, nothing too major, no pressure, and one of my little goals for this year is to become more organised on a day to day basis!

06 January 2017

Too Many Lipsticks? Never!

Happy New Year lovely people! I hope everyone had a fantastic time and enjoyed a little break, this week being back at work has frazzled me a little. I had ten days off in total and pretty much had a total switch off from social media and all things work related, it was so wonderful to just enjoy family time and relax. I'm so excited for the year ahead and I'm trying to get my life super organised, which has started with a makeup declutter...
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