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February 01, 2017

Oribe Styling Products

 If you've heard of the brand Oribe then there's a pretty big chance it's because of their Dry Texturizing Spray, it fast became a holy grail styling product and for very good reason (volume-check, tousled texture-check, oil absorbing- check, long lasting- check, uv protection-check) and I for one can't be without it. It didn't take me long to branch out and delve in to their other products, shampoos & conditioners as well as other nourishing and styling products. Oribe is definitely a brand that sits on the luxury end of the scale, with products ranging in price from £12 to £150+, but fear not if you're not ready for a little splurge, you can trial a lot of the products in travel friendly sizes first for a very reasonable price!
The Gold Lust Oil is something I couldn’t be without, it is the best hair oil I’ve ever used and I have used a fair few over the years! This injects moisture and hydration in to my hair and makes it look so glossy and healthy, it feels like silk. It’s perfect for talking on holiday as I always find the sunshine and sea leaves my hair feeling a little worse for wear, but a few pumps of this oil worked through my hair will without fail bring it back to life. This is no way makes my hair look or feel greasy, it doesn’t weigh it down and it doesn’t leave a bad smell or residue. It smells delightful, the bottle is an easy peasy travel size, it’s a decadent hair oil that works wonders on my coloured hair to ensure it never feels dry, never looks dull and never looks limp.
The Super Shine Moisturising Cream is a sort of two in one product, offering hair care benefits as well as styling, it’s like a leave in conditioner but can also be used after styling to tame any flyaways and to ensure hair looks sleek and polished. Worked in to damp hair after washing, it coats each strand of hair with silky goodness that makes it a dream to brush through, it de-tangles and also offers heat protection. This cream makes my hair feel super strong and healthy and adds a gorgeous shine to it, which just adds to the healthy look. Again it’s super lightweight and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. It comes in a perfect travel size 50ml tube, as well as a much larger 150ml tube. This is one of my must have hair travel items if I’m trying to minimise the amount of products I take away. This works as a leave in conditioner making hair super soft and silky, adds in heat protection for styling, and can be used on dry hair to add extra shine and to tame any flyaway hairs. 
The Matte Waves Texture Lotion is my newest purchase from Oribe and I fell in love with it straight away. For someone with very thick hair who really doesn’t have the time every day to style it with tongs, this is the easiest most relaxed way of styling my hair and I absolutely love the results every time, very chic and very effortless. I have two ways of using this, the first is to just work the product in to damp brushed hair and let it air dry, this gives me really soft textured waves, but it looks structured enough to not look like it hasn't been done. It’s a perfect way to use it if you’re in a hurry but want shape and style to your hair, it looks effortless. If you have more time on your hands then my second way of using this is to do the exact same (brush hair and work the product in), but to then section hair in to four parts and twist them up in a little bun and then apply heat with a hair dryer. Once all 4 sections are dry and let loose, the waves are a lot more extreme but the product tames the hair so it doesn’t look too crazy or messy, it looks done but undone. Being a matte product I find this helps to make the waves look more natural, it doesn’t look like there’s any product in your hair. It gives beautiful textured waves that can last for days as well as taming any frizz.

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