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August 08, 2017

Change Is Hard, But Change Is Good

Never be afraid of change. Change can be hard, it can be messy, it can be disorganised, but it can also be beautiful, it can be eye opening, it can be needed. Too often we live our lives not really living, just surviving, stuck in the same routine day in day out not utilising those magical 24 hours we're given each day. Then one day something clicks and you realise how monotonous things have become in your life and you imagine what you wish was different, what adventure you'd rather be on, but end your thoughts with a sigh, banishing those thoughts to the back of your head. You tell yourself you couldn't possibly set sail full steam ahead with those ideas, it would be too reckless, too frivolous, too much change. That is where you are wrong. Have faith, have courage, be brave, embrace change. Don't let time pass just wishing things were different, you have the power to make them different. Plan that adventurous holiday, take the steps for your longed after career change, make that phone call, have that conversation, whatever it is that you wish could be different, make it so! Whether it's something seemingly small and minor like a hair cut, a hair colour change, catching up with a friend, or something bigger like planning that dreamt about holiday, making that career change, ending that relationship, starting that relationship; Don't hide behind the fear of the unknown, embrace life and all it has to offer and make the effort to live your life to the fullest every single day.


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